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Kids Field Trip

Each year the Oregon Trail Rodeo sponsors a field trip for the surrounding schools. It starts with an information packet that is sent to the schools so the teachers can orientate the students with the background of what a rodeo is all about with the end result being coming to the fairgrounds for an informative and fun-filled time spent learning more about the rodeo itself.

Buses start arriving on the grounds around 8:30 AM.

First stop is a quick lesson on Nebraska history, the Pioneers and Rodeo.
After which they watch a film about the animals used at the rodeo.

For the 3rd year in a row the kids were treated to the opportunity to meet William F. Cody also known as Buffalo Bill Cody. Jeff O’Donnell, dressed as Buffalo Bill, outlines the origins of rodeo, how and when Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show was created, and a little about his five visits to Hastings.

The kids then go to the Outdoor Arena where they get to learn all about the rodeo from several people.

In total 597 students, parents, and teachers participated in this program from 18 different schools in the area. Thanks to all the schools for letting the kids attend! We enjoy having them here.

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